On June 11 during the World-wide Developers Conference 2012 Apple introduced Apple Maps, the new platform of location system.

Why has Apple stopped using Google Maps?

It is really simple, because of the costs. With the increase in the cost of using Google Maps API, for Apple having their own platform will increase profitability, save money and open  new revenue streams. This is what they plan to achieve with Apple Maps.

It is inevitable to compare Apple’s new platform to its most direct competitor Google Maps and the result is that they offer practically the same services.

Local search:

This essential function offers all kind of information on venues, stores, restaurants and everything in need to search around you as the name explains it. The competition here relies on which company will have the more agreements for listing results. While Apple Maps has allied with Yelp to provide information and opinions of places, Google Maps has its own integrated system.

Real time traffic updates: 

With no doubt, in this kind of application it is important to provide information on traffic conditions allowing the user to check  estimated time of arrival (ETA).

 It is significant that the data given by Apple Maps it is obtained directly from users who transmit in real time incidents reports for more accurate information. In this way, alternative travel routes can also be suggested.


  As where to Google Maps, even though it is not nurtured directly from users it is very precise and updated constantly. The information is gathered through third-party services and from smartphones which have enabled the My Location feature on Google Maps, allowing Google to notice if too many smartphones are close together and moving slowly down a highway or street. So, the more people with My Location feature on, the more precise the information is.

Turn by Turn Navigation:

Guided navigation has become one of the main uses of Google Maps. Apple has done a good job adding the possibility to monitor traffic, calculate how long it will take to get to one place and has integrated it with Siri opening the possibility to consult on the route chosen or where to stop for gas. The main difference with Google Maps is based on aesthetic considerations and how smooth the images and maps are presented.

It is important to mention that while Google Maps presents information on public transportation,  Apple Maps doesn’t. This is probably due to the fact that most of the public transportations authorities publish their routes in GTDF (Google Transportation data Feed) format, which leaves Apple at a disadvantage.


A way to make Apple Maps more attractive is definitely Flyover: circle any city from a bird point of view, in real time and in clean 3D presentation. A real feeling of over flying cities and buildings with your fingers. Similar to Google Earth but instead of viewing from the ground viewing from the air. For both, the main objective is to entertain the user.

Will Google be affected by Apple’s let-go?

It is still too soon to draw any conclusions on whether users will accept Apple Maps, since the application was only launched one week ago and this will depend partly on how Google reacts. Google has had its Maps for many years now and has been able to make upgrades and improvements for quite a while. This could be positive for Google to try to maintain its current costumers, but what’s more likely to happen is that new users will keep the map application that the mobile or tablet comes with while those whose address book is linked to Google maps will have to make the effort to export it to Apple Maps.

Either way it is clear that an economic impact will occur to Google’s income if there is a reduction in its users, but the battle has just begun or is it already over?

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  1. Thanita UPARANUKRAW dit :

    In my opinion I think that it is the worst decision Cook made taking away google map and putting Apple’s instead, Apple needs to do a lot more work on their map and needs to be as accurate as Google before just changing all the functions for their users.

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