Docomo SIM-based authentication device

Okay, it is just a prototype for the moment but Japanese communication giant NTT Docomo has just announced that they have been working on a new SIM module. This module will basically enable us to use our SIM cards without it being  physically inside our mobile phones. This credit card sized module (8 by 4 cm , weighing 20 grams) will have the actual SIM card inside and will be able to sim manage several mobile devices, not just our phones, but tablets and smartwatches as well. With the added  benefit of NFC technology incorporated into  this module.

Docomo describes this device as the world’s first SIM-based authentication device. Although its size is a bit big for now, the company says that they will downsize the device further to use in wearables, such as bracelets.

Wearable SIM Card

They presented the device in Mobile Asia Expo 2014 in Shanghai. The user can both use the device to connecting more than one mobile device to a single SIM card or for connecting more than one SIM-card to a mobile phone. Inthis way, user can separate his/her business and personal caller ID, and also switch the whole home-screen of the phone.

The device can also serve as a universal password key chain. So you can use it as a logging in device for your different services. For safety reasons, the SIM authentication cuts out if the Bluetooth connection is lost.

Docomo claims that in the near future there will be much wider use of mobile devices including PCs, in-car information systems, public phones and even bathroom scales; thanks to the new SIM-based authentication device, people will be able to connect to these mobile devices as if they own them, use them and then disconnect easily and safely.

As for the battery, the prototype itself lasts for three and a half days on a single charge. And if the portable SIM is lost or stolen, there will be an online kill switch to deactivate it.

There is no official launch date for the device, yet. Docomo officials say that the device should be discussed at international standards forums. However, even the idea of such a device is very interesting in an increasingly connected world and the Internet of Things.

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