Mois : avril 2012

  • Spotted, You’re on Highlight!

    Spotted, You’re on Highlight!

      A lot of people are worried about how Smartphones are now being used. Their worries come  especially from localization and personal data saved on the Internet. In fact, one cannot be sure of what the internet has saved about a user, and what data can be used by who. Take Highlight, for example. It […]

  • A Cellular Society User Guide

    A Cellular Society User Guide

    The Cellular Society blog is now online and accepting your articles. Please read the guide carefully and work in the brouillon mode until you are ready to publish. Good luck

  • Blackberry Crumble?

    Blackberry Crumble?

    Annus Horribilus It has been quite a year for RIM, Research in Motion, the Canadian company that brought the world, and more particularly, the business world, the Blackberry. It is a year however, that the company would probably like to forget. The success of the other mobile fruit company, Apple, at the top end of […]